This template below is one I created for a restaurant business, alter it to suit the business you are working with – or make it generic – Also alter it to suit whether you are selling them a newsletter service and you just need content from them


Start with the benefits of having customer details and create a way for businesses to collect names and addresses from customers


Then go on with ….



This means that you can now put them on your mailing list and create a monthly newsletter to send to them.


You can use your newsletter to;


Inform your customers of special offers

Share the latest menu specials

Keep diners up to date with events at your restaurant

Distribute your own coupon offers and deals

Inform customers of a charity event you are holding

Let customers know about any staff award or restaurant industry achievement

Offer them interesting ‘cook from home’ ideas

Inform them of a new loyalty club you are creating

Include customer testimonials

Make reviews on new wines or drinks

Ask for their opinions

Create a competition

Include photos of your new dishes

Let them know of changes you are making in your restaurant

Promote ingredients that you use

Write about your suppliers if they are special or unique

Talk about seasonal foods

Include your customers birthdays for that month



The ideas really are endless – Just remember if you are stuck for ideas – news! People love to know what is going on



Tips For Creating A Great Newsletter


Choose A Great Name

Try And Choose Something Catchy And Exciting – Don’t use abc restaurants newsletter as a title, if you are a fish restaurant, perhaps a title such as Under The Sea


A Newsletter Is Not A Sales letter

Your newsletter should be just that – news. Don’t be constantly trying to sell ie come down to our restaurant because – get booking quick because – of course that is what you want them to do, but do it in a ways that is very subtle


Don’t Write In A Business Like Tone

newsletter chatty, informative and interesting,


A Double Sided Page Is Okay

Rather than include content that is boring and weak because you are stuck for ideas, it is much better to have two sides of great information – remember it’s the quality not the quantity that counts


No Mistakes

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread – Your newsletter is a reflection of your company. It has to be quality. Have several people proofread your newsletter so you can have several checks and perspectives on your content


Include Staff Profiles

People are what make your business, your diners will like to see familiarity in the newsletter> when you write about your staff, just the basic facts like how long they have been with you, their interests, their credentials – all go to building that all essential relationship with your diners


Include Customer Testimonials

What better way to promote just how great you are than with a customer testimonial?


Feature Competitions

There are so many competitions you can create, a new dish, a customers recipe, a guess the number of peas in a jar …. make it so they have to visit you to get involved, make it easy, and keep it fun.


Ask For More Great Content Ideas

Ask your customers what they want to read about – Or ask them to send in stories and food related articles


Include Call To Actions

Tell them what you want them to do next


Include Up And Coming Events / Promotions

Include an events diary in your newsletter – it lets people know about your events, but a diary informs without appearing as being a sales pitch for the events


Mention Your Customers

wish them a happy birthday, mention the most frequent customer, do an interview with one of your customers about their life or business


Don’t send it by email

Email marketing is great, and you may be tempted to send your newsletter by email, but don’t – you and your customers will get so much value form a physical newsletters


Some Tips On Your Writing Style:


People don’t care about you – what they do care about is themselves


Always write you and your – not me, we, I


Consider and think how they might be feeling – and write to encompass those thoughts and feelings


What do they need to know? What would they find interesting?


Everything you write must have a purpose to it


Keep to one point  per article


Always tell them what you want them to do next: A Call To Action – EG

Click here to read more

Click here to get the report

Go here to

Do this

Do that

Contact me about

Go to my website to read more


Ask people questions – its gets them interested


Keep a friendly relaxed and open tone


Printing Your Newsletters


If you can use a professional printer, it does look more expensive, and you don’t want to give the impression that you are scrimping on costs do you?

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