How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Marketing?

Finding the time to market your business as well as run it day to day is an ever increasing challenge for many business owners, even more time consuming as the digital world keeps on moving the parameters of online marketing so quickly … There’s a lot to know, and a lot of specialist knowledge to keep up to date with before you can even implement your marketing …

How do you drive more traffic to your website?

How do convert website visitors into buyers?

How do you use social media to grow your business?

What’s the most effective ways to advertise?

How do you grow your brand loyalty?

How do you use Google to grow your business?

What SEO strategies do you really need to know? How do you stand out way above your competitors

Etc …

All Important Strategies To Know … But What is MORE Important Than That?

Getting MORE Out Of What You’ve Already Got !!

Unlike what most marketing companies or agencies will have you believe – Right now, you don’t need MORE TACTICS or INFORMATION … You need to put in to practice the true fundamentals of marketing so you can start getting more out of your business

Untapped & Untouched Potential

In each and every business there is usually a treasure of untapped potential – Untapped profits and missed opportunities that are just waiting to be unleashed ….

… When You Do The Right Thing And DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE HYPE …

There’s a lot of buzz about digital marketing making it appear that marketing has changed, but here’s the thing – The fundamental marketing principals haven’t changed – only the mediums have changed. Yet many business owners are being distracted from the basic fundamentals of marketing.

No matter what you do to grow your business – whether online of offline – the basic fundamentals of marketing still apply.

There is no point spending any money on promoting, advertising and marketing your business to attract the right customers for your business until you can clearly define;

Who you are

What you  do

Who you do it for

and put that into a very appealing message that communicates exactly ‘the why’ people should do business with you.

You see, you can’t just start using social media and rely on it to suddenly be the saving grace for your business, you can’t just send a few emails and hope to have an influx of new sales, you can’t just have a website built and depend on it to bring you business – You can’t run any type of marketing campaign or activity without some basic fundamentals in place first – there are plenty of marketing companies that will quite happily take your money for doing so, but we don’t.


At Amanda Murdoch Marketing, we want to see you succeed – Providing you with the key to unlocking your business potential … We give you the know how, the training, and the marketing services that you need to rapidly grow your business

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