What If You Had Salespeople In Your Business?

Wouldn’t you just love to have hundreds of sales people for your business? Well, if you’ve got 600 customers –  you’ve got 600 ready made salespeople at your disposal!


Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t anything new, it’s been around a long time, and it is based on natural human nature, people talk ….

Just think about your discussions with your friends –

anyone know a good restaurant?

Anyone know a good plumber?

Hey, I went to this great restaurant last week  ….

 You get my meaning don’t you?


People talk, and people listen to who they know and who they trust. Small business who are smart know the power of a customer referral.


But to get customers talking about you, just being okay isn’t enough – you have to be fantastic  – outstanding – and ultimately – REMARKABLE!


That’s why you have to be focused on feedback, service, standards, efficient processes and really letting the customers know that you care and appreciate them.


And when you do have all those in place, you can encourage your customers to be recommending you to their friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances


So How Do You Get Referrals For Your Business?


There are many ways that you can ask for referrals, but simply just asking is the simplest way of getting referrals

And if you aren’t in a position to just ask there and then – there are many ways that you can encourage your customers to help and recommend your business or send you some new customers

To get more referrals, you will have to give your customers a gentle reminder that you want them to tell people about you – and generally, it’s always better when you reward them for it.

Here are some great ideas to help you start a referral marketing campaign in your business:


Use Review Sites

Your Google Plus page is a great place to start for reviews, also your local directory listings allow people to leave reviews for your business. In your email campaigns, you can always send the direct link and ask nicely of they’ll follow the link and leave a review for you.


Know And Appreciate Your Ambassadors

Who are the ambassadors in your business? Who are the people that absolutely love you, that have taken part in your promotions, your competitions, your social media activity? These people are great ambassadors for your business – get in touch with them, ask them if they can help you get more referrals, where do they work, live, what groups are they involved in? They may well be very happy to take your coupons, postcards, invites, flyers to their network and share them. Reward them for what they do – thank them publicly, make them feel extra special and valued and you’ll keep them busy promoting your business for a long time to come


Know Influencers

Who do you know in your community that can influence a group of people? Perhaps a local school teacher? A local coach – they will have contact with plenty of people, and if you can go to them with a promotion that hits their interests, you may be on to a winner – What local influencers can you get involved in your business to suit your products and services?

Create a list and get chatting with these people.


Set Up A Referral Promotion

Send a friend and get your next product / service on us! What could be simpler? You can use this message on a variation in all your communication, on social media, on your newsletter


Set Up A Referral Program

A referral promotion will work well – a well thought out and focused customer referral program will work even better!

If you sit down and do the math in your business, you will realize that it costs a lot of money to recruit new customers … Plus an advert or social media post doesn’t always get them ready to buy … Where as if a friend recommends they buy from you – or use you … then that is incredibly more powerful.

Think about your own interactions with your friends, have you ever been asked, or asked a friend – do you know a good ……… – You see, people even tell stories in social circles about their experiences with businesses –

Create a great referral program and you are creating a great reason for your customers to recommend you to a friend

Referral programs make getting new customers, easy cheap and very effective for your business


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