Having a strong message will really help with your branding, your marketing, your lead generation -and most importantly – your sales

Having a ‘ready list’ of core marketing messages will make setting up promotions, strategies and online marketing really quick and easy for you, so the idea is to have a toolkit of core marketing messages so that no matter what – there is a clear and consistent message communicating from your business to your prospects at all times

When potential customers are seeing reading and hearing these core messages consistently – they will be really clear on who you are – and exactly what you can do for them

Now there is a great deal to learn about copywriting and creating compelling attention grabbing marketing messages for your business – and you can learn some of the more in depth techniques in one of my training workshops – But to get you started, I wanted tp give you some quick and easy ways for you to improve your marketing messages:

Ten Ways To Improve Your Marketing Message


What Makes Great Copy? What makes your marketing message so good that more people will act on it – and do what you want them to do?

 Here are ten content writing tips that I created for you


  1. Have A Headline – Make it compelling, benefits driven and no more than 16 words. Your headline has to make people want to read the rest of the advert, sales letter, press release, blog post etc – so cut out unnecessary words and try to craft a headline similar to a headline a newspaper would use


  1. The First Paragraph – This is the opening and introduction – You must quickly get to the point and ensure it contains a clear, strong benefit to the reader, also ensuring that, as with the headline, they feel compelled to read on.


  1. Make It Conversational – don’t use stuffy or fluffy speak, don’t overdo the professional corporate style, and make everything instantly clear – it is industry standard to write to the level of a 12 year old.


  1. Make It About The Reader – not you. Write as though you are talking to just them. Also talk about them – not you, and remember … this is content where you are giving them reasons to buy – so make sure you have done your homework and you are matching it to their needs


  1. A Silent Salesperson – Your content is like a silent salesperson, so cover objections, answer some of the more obvious questions people may have, and use the content to overcome some of the main objections people have expressed previously.


  1. Check What You Are Selling – Check that throughout the content, what you are selling, or what you want them to do is very clearly detailed and described. Stick to just one message, not two or three – it confuses the reader.


  1. Demonstrate Your Understanding Of Their Needs – and make it understandable. Let someone who knows nothing about your product or service read it and see if your message is clear – Let your message follow this pattern; this is what it is, this is what it does, here are the benefits, here’s why you should buy it, and here’s what you should do next.


  1. Remember That You Are Solving A Problem – make the problem clear – and the solution that you offering even clearer. Make you offering a tailored solution to their needs. The product may be one thing, but detail how it will fit into their lives, how you’ve made it for them, and how they can buy it, and how they get it.


  1. Clear Call To Action – Check that your advert or copy has a clear enough call to action at the end – what do you want them to do next? Pick up the phone, fill in the form, visit your website etc?

And finally, read your copy out loud – is the message clear, and does it read well? If it does – you are good to go


  1. Use Proof – To back up what you are saying, use testimonials, case studies, facts and figures to back up your story. People need convincing.

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