Whilst you are hopefully enjoying the Easter weekend in a leisurely and relaxing way – and over indulging on the chocolate, just a quick post as some food for thought …

What Do I Mean By Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket?

Well – It’s a pretty popular saying so most people know what that means …

Don’t concentrate all your effort, time or resources in just the one thing or place, it’s too risky and you could lose everything in one go


So How Does That Relate To Sales & Marketing?

Many business owners rely on just one or two methods to get customers into their business – and have just one method of selling

I’ve worked with many businesses that have in the past had a reliable way of getting clients and customers, something changes, and then all of a sudden the enquiries drop off, the conversions stop happening – and then they are in a situation where they have no enquiries coming in – or enquiries converting

Why Does This Happen?

Various reasons, some businesses are just using old outdated methods that aren’t as effective as they used to be, or they are using these methods in an outdated way

For example, telesales, getting on the phone and having a conversation is a good method to close a sale if the relationship has been built already and prospect is hot – But not so much for cold calling

Using just one or two mediums and one or two marketing messages

Your potential customers are everywhere, they are searching for solutions – if your business is just advertised as your business rather than a solution to their problems, and you are doing this only using one or two promoting mediums, you’re missing so many opportunities to connect with your potential customers and build a relationship

Not recognising that the customer buying journey is long and complex – Your customers are searching, researching, watching, evaluating, creating criteria and looking for businesses that can help them, they want to deal with businesses that they know like and trust – and they must feel comfortable doing business with them – People buy for their reasons – not yours, so if your marketing doesn’t reflect this process, again you are missing out on an incredible amount of opportunities to generate enquires and lead in your business

So What Can You Do?

Begin with your customers in mind – Consider their journey to buying …


What questions might they have in their mind?

What are they looking for?

What problems have they got that you can solve with your product or service?

What do they need to see, hear, read, feel to make a decision?

What are they trying to avoid?

Where are they searching?


Answering these questions will help you realise that you could position your business in about 20 – 30 different places with some strong messages that will compel potential customers to take a step closer to your business

One message – We are XYZ car garage – with one proposition – 10% discount on production of this ad – In one medium – The local paper – Is just too big a risk to take .. After all, your business is worth more than that isn’t it?


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