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Clients And CashflowYour Ultimate Goal –

So simple in itself until you realise that to achieve your goal – you have to sharpen up your sales and marketing – Then it all gets messy …

What should I do? What’s going to work best?  Who Can Help Me? Who can I believe?

I make sales and marketing easy to understand, meaningful and relevant for you – Whilst cutting out all the hype and vague nonsense

All You Want Are Clients And Cashflow …

You’ll achieve that through gaining a deep level of insight into why people really buy; Then we’ll map out your path to profits and design the processes that will give you a reliable system to generate leads, and then turn those leads into clients



Marketing That Makes Sense

When you work with me, you’ll learn fundamental principles not ‘hand me down’  and ‘pass me round’ strategies

I cut out all the hype and vague nonsense of the masses that you are bombarded with everyday

You’ll gain a level of insight and an understanding of your sales and marketing where everything starts to become crystal clear and your marketing will suddenly start to make sense


Easy To Understand

I’ve got 30 years of sales and marketing experience

I’m not one of those ‘self-declared experts’ who just got started 6 months ago and is making hay on a one trick tactic.

I’ve got the depth of knowledge to take you beyond the surface – that means I can make it easy for you to understand and implement powerful and meaningful marketing


Authentic Conversations

You’ll learn to rethink your business and your marketing

Your marketing is an authentic conversation in motion, getting clients is purely relationship building & being able to authentically influence their decision making –

Becoming consistently profitable is serving at the highest level and doing and being extraordinary not average in everything you do

There Are No Secrets Or Mystery To Marketing …

So You Can Stop Looking

Despite what others might have you believe, your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated – There’s far too much fad and generic information online about marketing, and all it does is capitalise on your uncertainty and overwhelm you to the point of non-action and inertia – You know what I mean by that don’t you?

What you do need are the fundamental sales and marketing principals that will give you the insight and wisdom that you are currently lacking – Then you’ll be able to make meaning out of it all – so you can apply it to your business in a way that suits you and your client base

Take a massive sigh of relief, you’re not inadequate at this getting clients activity, you’ve just been lead in the wrong direction

Your Focus And Attention In The Right Places

Instead of having scattered attention all over the latest markting fads or stuck in shiny object syndrome

I keep you focused on what matters

People think that you have to do so much and be so busy to succeed

You don’t –

Your Focus And Attention In The Right Places

Instead of having scattered attention all over the latest markting fads or stuck in shiny object syndrome

I keep you focused on what matters

People think that you have to do so much and be so busy to succeed

You don’t –

How It Works

Discover your next move with a

Coaching Consultation

Are You Ready?

Life In General

Career & Work

Happiness, Fulfillment & Satisfaction

Relationships & Dating

Diet & Weight Loss

Image & Appearance

Time & Organisation

Stress Anxiety & Panic



Selling & Persuasion


Online & Offline Business


Don’t leave your life to chance

Are You Tired Of Average?

What IS Coaching?

Coaching gets you focused on going forward

Coaching is the total opposite of therapy or counselling. Instead of looking back – Coaching gets you focused on going forward …

Coaching focuses you on; What do I want? What was I doing when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted? What do I need to do different? How do I need to do it? Am I heading in the right direction? And; What do I need to do next?

Direction & Purpose

Achieve more – More quickly by knowing where you’re headed and why you want it

Inspired & Energised

When you remove the clutter to discover your true inner power

Confidence & Clarity

Take action with clarity, move forward with confidence

Joy & Meaning

Find joy in all that you do and a sense meaning to your life

From Amanda …

My Secret To Being An Extraordinary Coach Is Having Extraordinary Clients

I don’t just change my client’s lives – I transform them entirely!

My expertise is in change – The fundamental principal and ingredient of getting what you want

As a professional qualified coach, I have the privilege and the joy of helping my clients make simple yet extraordinary shifts to get extraordinary results in their lives and businesses

When I work with my clients we clear all the obstacles and the reasons why not, and we access potential and possibility – We create the mindset, the motivation and the means so they do get what they want

I’m in the miracle business – And I have the best job in the world!

Invest In Yourself … Invest In Your Future

Coaching Programs

Personal & Intensive Programs Are Bespoke

A Refreshingly Different Approach …

Now You Can Relax …

Unfasten Your Seatbelt – It’s Been  A Bumpy ride …

You’ve just arrived in business owner paradise – You’ll find everything you need to succeed here and no distractions – I provide the tools, the training and a hybrid of consulting and coaching – And my promise is that here you’ll discover Sales & Marketing that is…

  • Totally Transparent
  • No Hype – No BS
  • Easy To Understand

I help coaches, consultants, service businesses and freelancers become confident business owners by designing their perfect business, income and lifestyle – Because that is what you want isn’t it?

I use the most effective, least complicated sales and marketing methods that you can adopt and apply to your business resulting in consistent clients and cashflow for you

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