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Marketing Expertise For Your Business When You Need It Most

Just How Much Is Staying Stuck Costing You?

– Are you sick of spending time and money on marketing and advertising for your business  that isn’t working?

– Are you overwhelmed with all the ‘advice’ out there on how to grow your business and get more customers?

– Are you desperate to boost your income and make it consistent – instead of riding the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of the roller coaster income that you currently have?

– Are you tired of working hard to grow your business – only to get little or no return on the effort and energy you’re putting in?

– Are you struggling to get to grips with all the latest digital and online marketing?

– Are you frustrated because you have all these great ideas for your business, and you know your business has lots of potential – But you just can’t seem to build your business and grow your customer base?

“If You Answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above – You’ve Wasted Enough Time & Effort On Trying To Get Your Marketing Right “

Special Private Consulting For Small Business Owners Who Want To Transform Their Business & Get Results Fast …

One of the biggest frustrations my clients come to me with is a feeling that although they have a great business, they work hard to provide a good product or service, and they go out of their way to look after their customers – they can’t understand why their business isn’t doing better than it is

And I understand that frustration – But – It’s not the best and most dedicated businesses that do the best – Sadly, it’s the ones that know how to market themselves that do better!

What if you had the opportunity to sit down with a proven sales & marketing expert and have a serious discussion about your marketing?

What if you had a marketing expert with whom you could personally work one – to one on your business to help you increase your revenues and reach your business goals?

How useful would that be to you right now?


How Valuable Would It Be To You To Have A Clear Plan Of Action Set Up In Your Business – With The Specific Steps You Have To Take So You Can Immediately Start To Increase Your Enquiries & Leads, Customers & Sales And Profits & Income?

Why A Single Conversation About Your Business & Your Marketing Can Dramatically Transform Your Results

Working with you one-to-one in a private consulting session allows us to dive deep into the challenges you currently have.

During Your Private Consultations With Me – We’ll Be Focusing On:

How you can finally put and end to constantly having to chase customers – and instead we’ll be creating and implementing the strategies and processes to get them to come to you

Discovering why what you are doing now isn’t working and how we can change it so that it does work

Exactly what it is that needs to be done to get you from where you are now – To where you want to be

Pinpointing what changes you can make immediately to find the hidden opportunities and profits in your business




Without paying customers, healthy profits and consistent sales, your business is always going to be a headache – No one is more aware of that than you

Perhaps the most frustrating part is that while you’ve been working on achieving this, you’ve got side tracked and side lined into putting time, money and effort into the wrong things – Maybe paying for services like SEO and Google rankings, social media marketing, advertising, website design, or paying for courses on how to do online marketing.

Many of my clients have paid for such services in the past and got little or no results – and that’s the frustrating part for me – and the reason that I work how I do because I know that there is not one single solution to getting the results you want

Your Consulting Sessions With Me Mean We Can Work On Your Business As A WholeWe Create & Implement Exactly The Strategies That Your Business Needs


Just A Few Burning Questions – Or Many?

You may come to me because you have some burning questions in your mind – and you want the answers to those questions – the ‘how to’ and the ‘solutions’ to your current problems – Yes – I can answer those for you and give you solutions

In Addition To That …

When you work with me – I do a complete check of all your marketing so that it is working in synergy – and more importantly – It’s working for your business

That’s why my marketing consulting is designed to stop you spending time and money on services and activities that might not bring you the greatest results – And instead get you focused primarily on creating the ways on how to get the money in the bank!

Just Some Of The Strategies & Methods We Question And Address In Your Business ….

How do you create the business of your dreams without getting stressed in the process?

How do you map out where your business is headed so you can actually follow the plan and achieve your goals?

How do you take what seems overwhelming and make it simpler so you can get stuff done everyday?

How do you master your sales and marketing strategies so they work efficiently for your business – and your profits?

How do you optimize and leverage all your activity so you are getting the maximum return for your investments and efforts?

How do you attract the right customers for your business so you gain loyal and raving fan customers?

How do you keep innovating to stay ahead of your competition and in control of your growth?

How do you add massive value to what you do, your business – and most importantly – to your customers lives so they want to buy from you?

How do you as a business owner manage your own mindset so you have the strength, power and focus to make the right decisions and take your business in the right direction?

How do you work smarter – instead of working harder?

Choose The Consultation Package To Suit You …

Business coaching is not just about growing your business –

It’s about making your business work for you – so you can achieve YOUR GOALS and have the life – and lifestyle that you really want

More Out Of Your Business

More Out Of Your Time & Effort

More Out Of Yourself

Why enrol yourself on 6 or 7 different courses, (and spend all that time learning), when you have everything you need for your success right here?

Are your ideas viable? Do you need someone to talk them through with?

Do you need ideas – we can generate them together

How do you build a professional website – without paying thousands?

What does your website need so it’s actually affective and does what you need it to?

What are the best ways for you to set up and run your social media campaigns?

What’s the best and most effective SEO strategies for your business?

How do you brand your business?

How do you create copy that works and gets people to respond?

How do you set up a marketing funnel in your business?

How do you get more profits – what are the strategies and tricks?

How do you sell more – without being pushy?

What are the best ways for you to get more customers?

How do you set up successful marketing campaigns – Both online and offline?

What mindsets are going to make you the best business owner you can be?

Brilliant! Amanda is totally client focused – Listened to what I wanted … and she delivers the results! I will definately return to Amanda again Steve J


Amanda is one of the best marketing consultants I have ever met – She goes above and beyond to help – I highly recommend Amanda Frank S

Business Consultant

Impressed from the start – Amanda went into such great detail and questioning to make sure I got everything covered – Awesome ideas that really helped – I got so much more out of it than I expected Mike C


What can I say – Apart from Amanda is pure marketing genius! Thank you for everything! Jenny W

Head Teacher

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