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Get Past The BS That Is Holding You & Your Business Back

Being a business owner requires a great deal of guts, it requires dedication and passion to get your work done and grow your business – And –

On top of the learning the business skills – As a business owner, you also face some particularly unique challenges when it comes to your mindset …

You’re Putting Yourself Out There …


… And that’s a scary place to be – You’re suddenly open to rejection, failure and criticism – And here’s the thing – Feeling exposed like that brings feelings of self doubt, anxiety and fear

So being a business owner, growing your business – and turning your business into the business you wanted it to be when you first started requires some uniques solutions to the challenges you’ll face such as;

  • How do you stop procrastinating – And just get the work done?
  • How you handle your doubts and fears – and still keep moving forward
  • How you manage and use the stress of ‘doing it on your own’
  • How you deal with the risks and challenges you’ll face everyday
  • How you lead in your business – Even if it’s just you you are leading!
  • How to stay focused on achieving your outcome – even when it gets tough!



Limiting Beliefs

Imposter Syndrome



Let’s Get You To Where You Want To Be …

Business coaching can help you get your business to where you want it to be – By digging in deep to your business and into what is running your business (you) – There are many important areas and issues that business coaching helps you explore and address …

Here’s Just A Few Of The Areas Business Coaching Will Get You Focused On …

How do you create the business of your dreams without getting stressed in the process?

How do you map out where your business is headed so you can actually follow the plan and achieve your goals?

How do you take what seems overwhelming and make it simpler so you can get stuff done everyday?

How do you master your sales and marketing strategies so they work efficiently for your business – and your profits?

How do you optimize and leverage all your activity so you are getting the maximum return for your investments and efforts?

How do you attract the right customers for your business so you gain loyal and raving fan customers?

How do you keep innovating to stay ahead of your competition and in control of your growth?

How do you add massive value to what you do, your business – and most importantly – to your customers lives so they want to buy from you?

How do you as a business owner manage your own mindset so you have the strength, power and focus to make the right decisions and take your business in the right direction?

How do you work smarter – instead of working harder?

We’ll Work Together So That You Can Get The Results You Really Want From Yourself – And From Your Business

Here’s How It Works:

Business coaching is not just about growing your business –

It’s about making your business work for you – so you can achieve YOUR GOALS and have the life – and lifestyle that you really want

More Out Of Your Business

More Out Of Your Time & Effort

More Out Of Yourself

Brilliant! Amanda is totally client focused – Listened to what I wanted … and she delivers the results! I will definately return to Amanda again Steve J


Amanda is one of the best marketing consultants I have ever met – She goes above and beyond to help – I highly recommend Amanda Frank S

Business Consultant

Impressed from the start – Amanda went into such great detail and questioning to make sure I got everything covered – Awesome ideas that really helped – I got so much more out of it than I expected Mike C


What can I say – Apart from Amanda is pure marketing genius! Thank you for everything! Jenny W

Head Teacher

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