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Are You Really Interested In Me – Or Is What I Can Do For You More Important?


Don’t ‘We’ All Over Your Potential Customers

We are, we do, we this, we that – Stop writing from your businesses point of view, and turn it around to focus on your customers – eg use YOU, when you are looking for a – and you want etc

And Isn’t It Better Someone Else Tells You How Great I Am At What I Do?

Potential customers are looking to make a decision whether or not to do business with you – They want to know that you’re good, and that they can trust you, so an ‘about page’ is a good place to do some of that – But it isn’t the place to start bumping and blowing your own trumpet is it? The ‘Hey everybody aren’t I great?’ is simply just a turn off – and better saved for when you’re stood in front of a mirror!

So much better that a business’ clients tell you how great a business is – So a well placed testimonial and links to more reviews are always good used on an ‘about page’

“What can I say … Amanda is pure marketing genius”!

Jenny W. – Deputy Head Teacher

What I do …

“I work one to one with small business owners to create, set up and implement a continuous series of sales and marketing strategies and processes within their business that are specifically designed to produce customers and profits”

How I Got To Here …


Why I Do What I Do

Ever since then, I’ve been working with small business owners to help them get more customers, make more money, and transform their businesses into the business they first envisaged when they started because;

  1. I understand what it’s like to work 6 days a week and still be working on your day off
  2. I know what it feels like to have the pressure of making profit – Of having to earn enough to pay your business bills – and then having enough left over to pay yourself, so you can feed your family and keep a roof over your heads
  3. I understand what it feels like to have the success of your business based entirely on your shoulders; Of having the right mindset – Making the right decisions – Taking the risks – And taking action


Brilliant! Amanda is totally client focused - Listened to what I wanted ... and she delivers the results! I will definately return to Amanda again

Steve J


Amanda is one of the best marketing consultants I have ever met - She goes above and beyond to help - I highly recommend Amanda

Frank S

Business Consultant

Impressed from the start - Amanda went into such great detail and questioning to make sure I got everything covered - Awesome ideas that really helped - I got so much more out of it than I expected

Mike C


What can I say - Apart from Amanda is pure marketing genius! Thank you for everything!

Jenny W

Head Teacher

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