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Take A Different Approach To Your Marketing

If you’ve arrived here because you’re too busy to take care of your marketing – or too busy to get your head around what you should be doing – and because of that you’re looking for someone to do it for you, seriously – Click away now

The traditional marketing agency model where you pay an agency to do some SEO or social media etc. simply isn’t right for a lot of SME’s – It’s expensive, disjointed & scattered, it doesn’t address the real issues that cause rollercoaster profits – And it’s a hungry beast that’s always going to need feeding (with your money)

I know from experience that too many SME’s are paying way too much for marketing which they don’t fully understand, that isn’t flexible, and that’s never going to produce a long-term healthy return on investment

Instead, my clients hire me to be their personal marketing consultant for their business – It means we can get really strategical and create bespoke marketing plans and campaigns based on a 3 step process;

Step 1: Where they are now  … Step 2: Where they want to be … Step 3: What marketing do we need to get them there


Come with a goal – leave with a plan

What Could We Achieve If We Worked Together?

What effect would it have on your business if you solved your sales and marketing problems – permanently?

Instead of getting you a few extra enquiries and sales to keep the wolf away from the door until you need more sales again, I work with business owners to adopt fundamental strategies, create long term plans and the sales and marketing strategies to get them there – All the while showing you how to do sales and marketing properly yourself so you are never fall victim again to the shiny promises of the media and agency salespeople

And once you’ve grasped what is going on and we’ve dug deep into the deepest corners of your business to optimise and leverage everything you do – You’ll then have a marketing system that you can sustain with little further costs – or that can be run in-house or outsourced for very little cost

Common Sense Marketing

What to Expect

When you’re desperately trying to figure out what is missing in your marketing, the last thing you need is more information throwing at you.

After all, your only goal is to find ‘those customers’, so you can make those ‘essential sales’ and generate a ‘healthy profit’ in your business – Most of all, you want to see the rewards for all your hardwork with an income that you deserve

So I don’t want to throw more information at you – You’re probably already suffering from information overload, instead – I’ll ask you what it is you want to achieve – We’ll start right there – And together we’ll get to work on your sales and marketing …

Looking at what’s missing, finding opportunities and creating the plans, the strategies and the marketing campaigns so you can finally start progressing towards your goals and objectives

Unforgettable Experience

When was the last time you had an unforgettable converation about the potential in your business?

Map Out Your Marketing

Do you have a marketing plan?

Create A Clear Path To Profits With The Murdoch Method

Return Yourself To Full Business Owner Status

Passion, hard work, pure dedication and grit has got you to where you are … But where are you headed next?

Business is moving faster, markets are forever changing – And as the leader of your business – You’ve got to lead it to the next level – It’s do or die …

That means you’ve got to lead your business fearlessly, relentlessly & strategically into a profitable and sustainable future

Top performers in sports & business work with a coach to refine their skill, focus their mind and improve their performance to win big – Who do you have?

  • For businesses just starting out
  • For businesses reaching to the next level
  • For businesses that have plateaued

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Value Proposition

Branding & USP

Why Settle For Average When Your Business Can Be Exceptional?

Average Marketing = Average Results

If you stick to average marketing you’re probably always going to do okay – But – You’ll always be getting average results!

I don’t do average – I never have – It’s a dull and uninspiring place to be

Your business success and wealth lies at the heart of stepping out of average – and being exceptional

By providing an exceptional service or product in an exceptional way – by exceeding your customers expectations, by making your business one they rave about you become a superstar business.

Being exceptional is all about being focused, disciplined and strategic – In what you do in your business – in your marketing – and what you do for your customers

Create A Clear Path To Profits With The Murdoch Method

Just Because You’re Ready To Sell –

It Doesn’t Mean They’re Ready To Buy

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Are You Ready?

Let’s Get Focused On The Profit Producing Activity In Your Business


Increase In New Customers


Increase In Purchase Frequency


Increase In Per Sale Value


= 33% Business Growth

Increasing 3 areas of your business by just 10% each gives you an overall 33% growth in business – Read More Here …

Do You Want To ReThink Your Marketing?

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