If You Want A Different Result - You Have To Do Something Different

Take A Different Approach To Your Marketing –

Are You Disappointed With Your Marketing Efforts?

Have you tried to promote your business to get more customers and make more sales and it hasn’t worked for you?

Or – Does it feel like no matter what you do to get the word out about your business – or what marketing tips you’ve picked up and followed … That nothing is working for you?

Or perhaps with all the overwhelming amount of information available on ‘How to market your business’ – You just don’t know where to make a start?

If your business just doesn’t seem to be growing … despite all your efforts – What Can You Do?

Well first of all – you don’t need to despair or give up – The chances are that your marketing wasn’t quite right right … It didn’t hit the nail on the head, it didn’t quite hit the right target – and all that is solveable

You were probably missing quite a few elements in your marketing

Marketing That Will Get You The Results You Want

What results do you want to see in your business? By determining exactly what you want in your business – I can help you create the perfect marketing plans and strategies to get you the results you want …

So What Do You Want?

More customers – More sales – More enquiries – More profits – And perhaps even More time for yourself?

And you no doubt want less of the of the struggle? And perhaps less of the ups and downs that leave you feeling like you aren’t getting everything that you want out of your business?

At Amanda Murdoch Marketing our consulting and coaching gets you to the heart of what’s going to work for your business.

That means that you can get what you REALLY want out of your business – Your financial and personal success


If You’re Tired Of Getting Average Results & You Want More Out Of Your Business – Then It’s Time To Start Focusing On Marketing That WILL Get You A Return On Your Investment

Focused On Getting You The Results YOU Want

With all the business owners we’ve worked with, At Amanda Murdoch Marketing, we know it’s not just about the growth and profitability – It’s deeper than that …

We know that your ultimate goals are to achieve your definition of personal and financial success by creating a business that gives you a sense of great achievement and fulfillment – and to enjoy every minute of your business without feeling like its a struggle or stressful

Cutting Out The Hype And Keeping It Simple

 Trying to cut through all that marketing hype and BS so you can discover what marketing you really need to be doing in your business to get the results you want seems almost impossible – it’s also vastly time consuming

And all of a sudden getting more customers seems like a complicated and overwhelming process and something you just haven’t got time for

At Amanda Murdoch Marketing, we understand that -so we keep it simple – Starting with what you want your business to look like – We work with you to help you create the strategy and the plan to achieve that


Focused On Profit Producing Activity

Spending 5 hours a night on the internet watching videos & downloading free reports on ‘how to market your business’ is not going to get you the results you want – Spending one hour on the phone or face to face with me will!

That’s because my focus is on helping you to succeed and to achieve your success by Working Smarter – Not Harder! I know you are busy enough running your business day to day – That’s why I choose to work with my clients how I do – It means we can work together one to one on your business and on your marketing to create, develop, plan and implement the most effective and relevant Sales & Marketing strategies you need to get your business to where you want it to be

Why Settle For Average When Your Business Can Be Exceptional?


If you stick to average marketing you’re probably always going to do okay – But – You’ll always be getting average results!

I don’t do average – I never have – It’s a dull and uninspiring place to be

Your business success and wealth lies at the heart of stepping out of average – and being exceptional

By providing an exceptional service or product in an exceptional way – by exceeding your customers expectations, by making your business one they rave about you become a superstar business.

Being exceptional is all about being focused, disciplined and strategic – In what you do in your business – in your marketing – and what you do for your customers

Ready To Get Exceptional?

Focus On Your  Website Marketing Strategies


Your website is like your online store front – It’s where people decide whether your business is what they are looking for – And they do that in around 3 – 7 seconds. That means that getting your website in shape is vital for you as a business owner

You might not do any business through your website – But it’s where decisions are made


Don’t Lose Out To Your Competitors … Get Your Website Right Today

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Naked Web Design

by Amanda Murdoch Marketing

Can We Get You Going?

With Start Up Websites Packages From Just £795 – Get Total Transparency & Your New Business Off To A Great Start With A Website By Amanda Murdoch Marketing


Increase In New Customers


Increase In Purchase Frequency


Increase In Per Sale Value


= 33% Business Growth

Increasing 3 areas of your business by just 10% each gives you an overall 33% growth in business – Read More Here …

Forget the ‘magical marketing tactics’, the instant success ‘press of a button’ solutions – And the advice that promises you ‘the secrets of marketing to end all your customer getting worries’ – They really won’t help you that much.

I want to take you back to what DOES work

You’re Looking For Better Sales & Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Business

You’re looking for someone with the right knowledge and expertise to just sit down with you and figure it all out so it works …

Someone who can have a real conversation with you about your business –

And then help you piece together the right tools, strategies and actions that WILL help you to get what you want out of your business – and save you a load of time, energy and effort in the process!

What Do You Want MORE Of In Your Business?

More customers? More sales? More enquiries? More profits? What about More predictability and certainty for you own peace of mind? And perhaps even More time for yourself?

And What Do You Want Less Of In Your Business?

Maybe less of the long hours and the hard work? And perhaps less of the ups and downs, less uncertainty and struggle that leaves you feeling like you aren’t getting everything that you want out of your business?

What Do You Want Out Of Your Business?

Growth, profitability and personal & financial success? A sense of achievement and fulfillment? Create the business you want without the stress and struggle – Discover what marketing can help you achieve in your business

So Why Not Make It Easier For Yourself?

Could the right marketing really make that much of a difference to your business? Why not try it?

It’s not going to cost you anything to find out whether I can really help you make a difference to your business – Book a complimentary consultation with me now

Look No Further. Get Started Today